Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am spending a large amount of time on my gargoyle dummy. The third I've done. The first is obsolete, the second a precurser to the third.

I have a theory. If every picture book writer could dummy as they write, chances are, they would have an easier time writing. Now that will never happen. And I don't dummy as I write, either. But I do change my text after I dummy (I did not initially).

My problem now is that I don't always agree that the problem should be stated right away. For one thing, the problem could be something shown in the visual, or something that seeps out in the first few pages. But I know certain editors insist on that. I have decided not to dwell on it.
That rests.

Pacing. What I have learned is that the first few spreads are a set up (including problem) the middle is real plot, and the ending three or so pages wrap everything up with a twist or something interesting at the end. I can handle that.

I just don't want my stories to be canned, formulaic, campy or cheesy. So even though these rules apply, they are not a template for me.

As I write and dummy I keep asking myself how can I express myself beautifully, clearly, logically, and with humor and heart, and appeal to a child. And if you are writing a fantastical situation you must remember that your character no matter how fantastical, embodies a child.
So you put yourself as child in that situation and give your character the same fears, insecurities and hope etc. for his situation that could be yours were you him. So here I am up on this cathedral like it is my bedroom, or school playground...whatever. And I think about what my character wants and the things he needs to go though to get it.

This is not an easy book to write but if I get it together it will be so worth it, and it is coming together!!

That is how you (or I should say, I must write). And that is why this dummy and writing are a process.

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