Monday, February 25, 2008

How do you know when your writing is good enough to submit for pbs?

Read some thread on the Blue about this today, and I find it fascinating.........

I also find it fascinating that, for me, submitting art samples is less stressful. Probably because I've had better luck with it. More takers than for my writing. My writing is much more of a precarious gesture when I send it out.

Almost always letters in return (except FSG, in which case always forms...can't get into their heads). So lately, I don't feel it is a comment on my writing but more of a comment on what I am writing...could be wrong but just an observation...I am not filling a need, but I write my own could I possibly illustrate anything without my (a) storyline? I know everyone says illustrate a folk or fairytale. I don't do those.

My critique group is not so good for pb critique because 99 percent of the writers in it are mg and ya.

Pb is a highly specialized mindset, and if you illustrate that makes you somewhat of a freak. I'm a freak.

Back to that unanswerable question...look at the market...really...How do you know when your pb is good enough? My question is how do you know when your pb is great? Enough said. Because good enough isn't enough...for me anyway...always striving for the moon...I look at the greats...and they are great for a reason....they transcend.........I want to be do I do that...that is MY question.

Call me a dreamer...what is right with that?


the Brad said...

If you're like me, you never know when it's good enough. Right now, I'm trying to sub to agents and also get feedback to make corrections. The only thing I wouldn't do is sub to all prospective agents in a month or so. I'm trying to get feedback from what I bet will be rejections, then use that to make revisions and sub to other agents.

Thanks for the kind words and reading my blog. I'd make a joke but I'm saving all my funny for my oscar blog.

pudders said...

Brad. You are doing it right. You are SOOOO funny. I hope you write humor. I can't see you writing historical fiction.

Unfortunately, I write the hardest format to publish right now. Actually, i consider myself to be an illustrator/writer. The art seems tocome naturally to me. The writing well, I am much harder on myself about that.

I write humor, too. At least I try.

Anyway, you keep me laughing and I'll be your best friend and I'll buy your books...however long that takes.

Don't let the rejection get you down. Just keep going.

P.S. Gotta love that Daniel Day Lewis. Isn't he amazing???