Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am sick. I hate being sick. I wanted to write a blogical in the worst way but all that comes out is globbishness.

I tried to work on my gargoyle and all that came out was garglob.

I went to my paying place and had a tete a tete with my boss. My globheadedness left her for dead.

And tonight is my daughter's Nat'l Honor Soglobitty Ceremony. I was supposed to ladle a loving cup but instead I cradle a croupy cough.

The light at the end of my globstrel is Dave and Bill's jazz gig at a local club on V-Day. I hope I feel better by then.

Post suck. My kids are having a look at my gargoyle character and have mixed feelings about the size of his cuppy ears. Bigger, smaller, bigger, smaller. I suppose that has to do with how much he has to drink. There is always food for thought and room for change.

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