Friday, February 29, 2008

A family of artists is a great breeding ground for artwork

Charlotte got into the high school musical today after several attempts and years of auditions. And she got a part. She sings, she acts. she dances. Our school system boasts a "Broadway calibre talent" and it is true. These kids are Broadway bound. As a matter of fact, many of them are already auditioning on Broadway. They know rejection. They could take "American Idol" out to lunch. They know the ropes and the strings and knots. So I am thrilled for her. I have been there.

Bill's band is thriving and they are sooo gooood.

Emily's dancing is coming to fruition with her next concert.

And Henry's animation and comic illustration, and drumming make me shiver.

And my next endeavor into illustration is playing with color, and blacks and whites. When I get bored...and I am sooooo bored right now I love to expiriment.

I can't think about submission right now. I only want to create.

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