Saturday, January 3, 2009


I heard that an AD I met at 2 recent conferences (and did an assignment for, that he liked, as well), who liked a group of my pieces (as did another AD at one of them) has been let go.

I hope the editor who is securely there has interest. She does biographies. But Monday is coming... and they are clearing off desks......) Yet, it appears that editors acquire and not ADs ...they bring in unagented talent...

I know what they are looking for as the AD and another assc. editor there made it clear at the conference workshop. Alas, she was let go as well. She was a peach and a picker upper.

This book has merit in the pb biography world. I could do such a great job with the art. I have great plans. I have lots of great plans and enthusiasm.

Update: And the classy Art Director sent me an email saying he was released, and that he has passed my work onto an editor. Well, he is cool and polite and someone I respect. Not enough people like him. Someone I want to work with.

And an editor from Holt is now going to the mentorship. Cool beans.