Sunday, January 11, 2009

Miss Nelson...???? Miss Nelson!!!!

You are not missing. You are back. I found you and I'm keeping you. Forever by my computer and drawing table.

Yesterday I went thru children's books with my oldest daughter and decided which to keep and which to donate. The keepers were by far the smallest pile (thanks to my years of learning how to be discerning...and my ability to laugh, sigh and smile at enduring greatness). And my daughter who is truthful.

I relish my daughter's comments such as: Why would any kid want to read a book with an adult as the main character. My retort being 'only if they are childlike and FUNNY.'

Or: Why is there SO MUCH TEXT in this picture book? And the illustrations are too creepy and somber. My retort being 'Yeah. You go Charlotte.'

Or: This book is SOOOOOO dated. ' sooo EIGHTIES (Hey. Wait a minute).

Anyway, I remember my mom who was a kindergarten teacher(a highly regarded kindergarten teacher in Connecticut) bringing home these stellar picture books by Allard and Steig and Sendak. I wonder what she would bring home today were she alive and teaching. Maybe she'd bring home my books. Would she?  Would she!!!

Mrs. Litten is missed.

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