Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lost Fiction

Frost Nixon.

How many great movies can one see in a weekend? (Ahem...three but I comment on one.)

And Frank Langella as Tricky Dicky? I grew up with this man. I grew in love with this man but now he is this sad character. Still dreamy but kinda pathetic. Frank you rock!!!!

I love non-fiction treated in a larger than life yet history infused way that almost reads like fiction. Kinda like my biography stuff. Larger than life has always grabbed me. Good and bad and somewhere in-betweeen.

Too bad I only remember the real stuff that my dad had on when I was a Watergate kid and a teenage Frost/Nixon newbie.

I loved the commentary about how the media shows a mere small shot of the big picture. This is the blessing and the curse of all media. Because most of the sheep only see what they see. The sheep who hate the pasture want the big picture and big idea. Like me.

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