Friday, January 23, 2009

When will I ever learn.

This is the third time in 4 months that I have been reprimanded by a cop. It is not that I blatantly commit misdemeanors when I see a man in a uniform, or that I am masochistic, or anything. Or that I have that horrible disorder where I make myself sick through pure unadulterated acts of idiocy.

A few months ago I was getting out of the driver's seat and into the back seat just before my daughter took her road test(now she is in the driver's seat). Ahem, why did I do that? Always sit in the front passenger seat and don't leave it until they "tell" you to.

On my way to work I happened to disregard the orange cones and men at work, and drove on what appeared a perfectly drivable path and right past the cop who asked me "Just what do you think you are doing?" I said "yes" I did read the sign and saw the pretty orange cones...but I work right down there. He was nice because I flashed him.... a pretty smile. :}

And today I let my son out in front of his school without having pulled into a parking spot...right in front of the cop crossing the kiddos.

"Never do that again," he said. 

(It is not like everyone doesn't do it everyday. It is just that the crossing guard was out today and he lets everyone get away with it. He knows how much tax we pay to bus all those kids, and some of us don't ever get bussed. Just busted.


This has absolutely nothing to do with writing and illustrating.

But I believe I have illustrated my frustrations with bureaucracy. And right now I really want to stick it to the man. Any one have a night stick?


This morning he gave someone ticket. That someone being a parent taking their child to school. 
He gave them a ticket right in front of the school. I hear lots of people complaining in my little busy brain.


Rena said...

Heehee! I guess it's easy for me to chuckle being married to someone in law enforcement. :)

pudders said...

Oh. I am sure. But when you drive your kids every morning...EVERY MORNING forever, it loses its laughability. Someday I will look back at this and LAUGH...hopefully in my pajamas while I am illustrating my next book in my commute to my third floor studio.