Monday, January 14, 2008

If this cardinal could talk, what would he be saying?

Probably, "You talkin' to me?"


Issy said...

I had to come here to your site. This is great! I have a 4 year old and a 16 year old and both of them have done and said things that I think only a fellow parent or teacher can relate to and find humor in.

My son wanted an apple the other day (the one who is 4) and I told him to go wash it off before he ate it. So he goes to the bathroom which is the sink he can reach and starts getting flustered and scolds himself. I walk in to find the apple floating in the "potty". Don't quite know how that apple jumped from the sink right into the potty but I had to ask him if that was one of his poops which he emphatically told me "no mommy. . . can't you see it's an apple?" I laughed for hours over that one!

pudders said...

Smart boy. I am glad you praised (and laughed with him)instead of scolding him.

And you just gave me an idea for an illustration. (I always LIKE those).

Hopefully, in a few years you will see this illustration in print (In a picture book form with a major rights) and your son should be about six which makes him still picture book age. So you can buy it.

I will dedicate it to you and your son. I promise.

Cheerio, Issy!!