Friday, January 18, 2008

A Tale of Two Editors

Not really. They were certainly not polar opposites. But a few different takes on writing, submissions etc..

Anyhow....WOW! While it is fresh in the ole brain....................

I attended this seminar last night and came home feeling exhilarated, enlightened and inspired. Boy, did I need this right now. And I learned how they want their writer/illustrator submissions presented (which is nice because it seems different folks want different strokes (i.e. dummies or no dummies...worded in...not worded in.). I went up and asked. I am getting braver.

This was one of the best sessions I've been to. Not only were they funny (which I need) but they were honest, informative, human and genuinely in love with great books. And they said that buying a ms means you have fallen in love with it. Of course, it does. Would you work on something if you didn't love it? (That applies to marriage as well..the problem with that is it never ends).

And it seems a big thing they want to see in writing (and I have to believe art) is the creator's PERSONALITY. ........yeah. And I am also going to say LIFE and CHARACTER. I know when I buy a book that is the first thing I notice...or don't notice and don't buy.

They also said to stick with one genre/format and make it GREAT (over and over) before you move on to another. There is too much mediocrity out there.

Word lengths of picture books....lots of rolling of the eyes. Can you have a 2000 word pb?....sometimes...yes. Depends. These rules we hear OVER and OVER again are not set in stone.

Are pbs always 32 pages? NO. (BTW...I've noticed MANY pbs now are longer....yay!! )

The only time a non-artist writer should send illos is when it is a concept book.

Illustrator notes pretty much only for contradictions. Even then not really necessary.

Will editors look at writer/illustrators for a first book ?.....YES!!!!!! But they also might not. Depends.

Re: Agents. The consensus seems to careful (you are putting a lot of trust in someone).
As a matter of fact, both seemed to think first timers should go right to the editor, if possible.

Anyway, I realize now how much work I have to do before I sub to them. WHEW!!

On a lighter note, a friend of mine was there and he just got his novel pubbed by one of them. Way to go!!

And maybe another commercial at my house... the location scouts are coming back for a second look. EEEP.

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