Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stacks of hope and terror

I love to create. I HATE to sub. Basically, all I get are nice letters...since when. I am at a loss. And the thought of querying multi-agents now terrifies me. I want the perfect editor...but I HATE subbing. So what is a girl to do??

I just go back to my art because it is comfortable. And folks at big houses seem to like it. And the writing is invigorating. Can't illustrate without the can we.

I'll never get anywhere. The stacks are getting higher. Sort of like a book I read about a boy climbing the highest heights (when I was seven)...He just kept going up but never reached a tangible goal. And that is what I feel is inevitable with me. But I can't stop what I love and what I feel I am "good at"...don't you hate that talking about yourself........

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