Monday, January 21, 2008


Husband home sick today. Kids home today. And I finished an illustration I started yesterday. Yay.

This project is going to be a combination of collage/mixed media and watercolor. I might even add photography if I am daring enough. 

I love trying new things. And I know that one should be good enough and confident enough with new materials to venture into new territory.

I have decided that out of the ten or so mss I have written, five or maybe six of them are projects I wish to pursue in the future. 

And Monsieur Gargoyle is the one commanding my attention right now. He looks a hell of a lot different than he did years ago. You wouldn't even know him.

The question is should I send him back to his former jilters, or send him into new and open arms.

Well, I have time to think about it. And time has become nothing to me. Quality and knowledge have replaced it. Maybe I just think too much.

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