Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Literary/commercial/literary/commercial.... aaaagh

I spent a part of today rewriting a picture book but too much of that was wondering if it is commercial or literary. This is a complete waste of energy to me because how can a writer possibly know what the outcome is going to be. And why can't the two coincide?

I tend to write pretty (even if it is gross), elegant (even if it is a gargoyle or the like), funny (smart not slapstick) and wry (I love irony and I always have). Does that mean literary? How the heck do I know that?

I am a doer and think too much. But am no judge when it comes to yours truly.

Getting back to literary for a moment. I know what literary is. It has depth. It is beautifully written. It has a real story floating out of the written/plot story. It has impact. It lingers. It haunts.

All that commercial means to me is that it appeals to lots of people. That is about it.

So if it is neither literary nor commercial it is....

in trouble.


Adrian said...

That was a great def'n of literary. I have struggled with figuring that out for a while now. Thanks! : )

pudders said...

Howdy. And thanks.

It isn't easy to figure that out all the time. Is it? I mean some books are obvious; and many to me are not. And same with commercial.

When it comes to our own writing perhaps we should not think about it too much b/c if an editor likes it she/he can figure that out (ha...ha...ha!!)