Friday, January 18, 2008

I am in a DAYS or What else do I remember from last night?

This is hard because I know that I had a martini, and it was enormous, and it was so strong it tasted like glue. Yuck. Usually, drinks are so watered down or puny that I spend too much money on them.

This one wasn't any part of that last sentence. I finished it over the course of the seminar and my questions were not garbled or unintelligible.

Queries. I talked to a published author who said he spends DAYS on them. What other word in this previous sentence makes the word DAYS meaningful?

The eds said to make it clear why you are picking them. Make it clear that you know their tastes, their line and what your book is really about and why would someone want it to read it.

Comparisons are fine but don't say your book is the next thing (that they already have). Read their webpages.

PB writers: you are telling part of the story. Your PB is not yet a pb (that is easy for me but I imagine it is harder if you don't illustrate).

The market now is tougher than ever (but I see some awesome pbs out there so there).

YA is all about VOICE. They are always looking for new and fresh voices (good thing I didn't stand too close to the eds after that martini).

Try to understand the difference between institutional, library, school Sometimes that is hard.

I have a lot to do. DAYS of work.

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