Friday, January 18, 2008

The most important thing that I remember...

besides the fact that I hate taking notes is..........

there were very few newbie questions and such. There were one or two but thankfully, no one dwelled upon them. I put my face in my hands and counted to ten. And then the coast was clear.

And one of the eds used the F word a few times and that picked me up. Phew.

Why can't there be more events like this... small (like less than thirty people), nice cosy Ottoman type place (until the Salsa got going in the next harem...I almost went over there), cheap heavy drinks and cool, low key, smart and savvy, approachable people...and free (well...yeah). Nice.

And subdued lighting.

It is not that I don't like regular conferences. But I am finding them less helpful. And definitely more beginner. When you start to outgrow message boards, conferences and the like, does that mean trust yourself more? I think so.

An editor held up a copy of "The Arrival" and talked about how much he loved it.

Will I ever produce anything that good?

What I really need is a writer/illustrator who knows a lot about pbs (experienced)...and who is super talented... to critique with. And I haven't found anyone near me. I don't think I could do this thru a computer. Isolation is frustration.

Back to work. Must get samples out. Must finish dummy. Must work on queries. Must must must dust.

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